Silver and Gold Kaleidescope Infinity Cushion

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Silver and Gold Kaleidescope Infinity Cushion

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The energy depicted in this cushion will shift your consciousness. The Infinity Meditation Cushion is so named because of the double infinity shapes interlaid to form its base. It sustains one’s meditation practice by providing a foundation that encourages the proper posture. This patented base design creates a square-round structure which offers more integrity than other zafus. Filled with Dakota buckwheat hulls, the Infinity Cushion also retains its inner integrity long after fiber filled zafus have gone flat. This combination of outer and inner integrity enables one to sit in the traditional lotus or half-lotus positions more comfortably by allowing the heels to come closer to the body, naturally bringing the spine into alignment. The Infinity Cushion can also be used on its side to support the kneeling or seiza position. Each cushion has a removable, washable coverso they can always appear fresh and new. Bring the outer and inner integrity of Infinitely Simple’s Infinity Cushion to your meditation practice and sit better. 

Additional Infinity Cushion Covers can be puchased seperately.  Click Here